About RHF

Robert Hunt Financial, LLC exists to equip others to manage their own money in a cost effective, simple manner. As a 'fee-only' practice we do not make commissions. As an 'advice only' practice we keep no client funds and place no trades. We are education focused, seeking to invest in our clients so they can invest for themselves.


1. What do you charge?

Basic Members are invoiced $450 an hour.

Select Members are invoiced at a $ 250 per hour rate after they have used their prepaid hours.

Private Client Members are invoiced at $ 200 an hour after they have used their prepaid hours.

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2. Does your firm have any other fees?


3. Am I a fit?

Contact RHF via the website and we will set up a complementary phone call to determine whether you are a fit for our practice.

4.  Who is your prototypical client?

My most delighted customers appreciated the cost savings working with me as well as the objectivity that comes from charging for my time.

5. What do you believe about investing?

Low cost, simple investment plans win. I utilized index funds and promote the importance of avoiding debt to reach my client's financial goals.

6. Who is your most famous client?

I do not disclose who I work for. 

Robert Hunt's investing heroes:

1. John Bogle

2. Warren Buffett

3. Burton Malkiel

4. Jeremy Siegel

5. Benjamin Graham

RHF Will Help You Stay On Track.

If you are ready to focus your investing and take charge of your family's financial future, then an RHF membership is for you.