You can't simply take my word for it

Dec 02, 2020

I dispense advice to my clients to ensure they take the correct path with their finances. However, unless the client digests the truths I am giving to them, my advice is unlikely to stick.

Pictured above is my son eating his first cake on his first birthday. I can describe sugar to him and what cake might taste like, but until he experiences the thrill, my communication will not do it justice.

Similarly, investors must learn why low-cost index funds, paying down debt, and having a budget actually work. They must experience it. They must actually do the work themselves.

Why can’t they just do what I say and move along with their lives? There are 50 people that look and sound just like me that are going to pitch you on doing something very different. To simply do what every so called ‘expert’ tells you, myself included, is to assure yourself of a mediocre result.

I always start client engagements with book recommendations and youtube videos to watch. I know that until they digest investing truths for themselves, they will never know how sweet the truth actually is.

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