Why do some gas stations not advertise their price?

Nov 19, 2020

Gas stations have been on a lot of people's minds lately as shortages have cropped up in Texas and Florida. It has created a bit of panic in consumer's minds as well as a laser sharp focus on finding gas at a reasonable price.

A truth that is universally understood among consumers when purchasing gas is this:

If the gasoline station does not advertise its price, you can assume it is a high cost provider.

It's common sense, isn't it? Why would a station not lead with price when selling a commodity, unless they are high priced.

Now replace gas station with investment product in the above bold sentence.

Now replace gas station with financial adviser in the above bold sentence.

When purchasing investment products or receiving investment advice, use the same intuition you use when purchasing gasoline. If the provider does not lead with price, you can assume they are a high cost provider, and why would you go with a high cost provider when Robert Hunt Financial, LLC leads with price?

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Leading with price in an industry that rarely mentions price is fun and startling to many prospective clients. They are shocked that I start my pitch with price, and the look on their face is certainly priceless.

My website is a bit different in that regard as well. Check it out and you will witness a very different approach to transparency in pricing.

Thanks for reading! Can RHF help further guide your investing?