Listening to music and investing is easy

Dec 06, 2020

I just asked my Amazon Echo to play Taylor Swift’s New Years Day…..and then it played. How easy is this getting? I just think of a song and say it out loud. This is not impressive or revelatory for most of you. It’s a great time to enjoy music.

However, I can’t ask Alexa to “buy me some low cost index fund etfs.”, although that day may be coming. When I was 16 I had my mother open a brokerage account for me and she had to phone in my stock trades. It was expensive and difficult. Just under 20 years later, and voila, I can click a button and invest in every company in the world for no cost. It is scary how easy and cheap (free) investing is today. Not scary for me or you, but it should be scary for every big bank, insurance company, RIA, financial adviser, trustee etc… Most of these institutional investment providers make their bread based on the idea that investing is difficult and therefore should be expensive.

I am perpetually perplexed when I hear people tell me they have their money with some guy or group that really is sharp and knows what they are doing and can make them some money etc…….This is like inviting a plumber over to your house every single time you want a drink of water. Just turn the dang faucet yourself and water comes out! Not hard. Investing is no more difficult, it only requires a bit of education and occasional counsel. That’s where I come in. Investing is now free and easy. Let me show you how.

Now back to the music, There’s glitter on the floor after the party……..

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