Is it ever going to be enough?

Dec 05, 2020

Meeting with individuals and families regarding their finances is truly a privilege. Most folks expect to not have enough yet to hit their various goals. (house, retirement, kids college etc…). However, many times I see folks who have already run laps around their goals but simply don’t know it yet.

How could this be? It is difficult for all of us to see ourselves rightly in any aspect of our lives. Financially it can be even harder. We can pretend we are poor or rich, but never really dig into whether either is true.

I enjoy telling clients that they have sufficient funds to embark on whatever quest they can dream up, but my saying it does not always mean that the giving and spending will increase. Contentment is an allusive feeling, and one that is often irrespective of the amount of funds in a bank account.

I believe contentment is in fact what many people actually desire, and they simply manufacture various goals in order to convince themselves that peace lies just over the next hill. Beware of doing this to yourself. Hire someone who is willing to tell you, ‘enough’.

1 Timothy 6:6-10

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