I am not white glove, I hand out work gloves

Nov 09, 2020

I do not provide ‘white-glove’ personal finance services to my clients. I ask my clients to do a lot of work. We meet and I assign homework, we meet and I assign homework etc…. Who would ever sign up for that?

At Robert Hunt Financial, LLC, I seek to equip individuals and families to be their own financial advisors. This ‘education first’ posture exists because I believe that with the right coaching, counsel and guidance, individuals can invest with excellence and in a cost effective manner by hiring themselves to do the job and bringing me along as a guide.

Working with me is like hiring a personal trainer. I actually want my clients to do the reps themselves because I want them to be a lot stronger financially in the future than they are today, and need me less and less. If I do it all for them, they will need me or someone else like me perpetually. They will also be potential prey for the next slick talking salesman with a financial product.

Basically, you should invest in yourself, so that you can invest for yourself.

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