How to be a 'pusher' in your personal finances

Nov 08, 2020

I recently finished play in my 3.5 tennis league. My strategy was simple, just hit the ball back and don’t try to hit winners. I wanted to let my opponents make the mistakes and get frustrated with me.  As I hoped, the strategy proved successful. After a few of my matches, my opponents complained that all I did was “hit the ball back.” The derogatory tennis term for this type of player is a ‘pusher’.

I was not familiar with the term, but when I searched, countless videos came back titled, “How to beat a pusher.” I was onto something! Others were struggling to beat players like me. I could find very few videos on how to be a pusher however…..

In personal finance and tennis, the principles are similar. Do not make big mistakes. To be a ‘pusher’ in investing I recommend you:

  1. Invest in index funds
  2. Read books on investing
  3. Budget
  4. Think like a 19th century citizen of England
  5. Hire Robert Hunt to help you

Be prepared for your peers to mock the simplicity of the above strategy, or to even complain. Keep going, that means you are probably on to something!

If you would like to play Robert in tennis or hire him to help you with your personal finances, contact him at [email protected]

Thanks for reading! Can RHF help further guide your investing?